Greek Sandals Handmade from genuine leather

Genuine Leather Sandals

Comfortable, elegant and, above all, they will highlight your colourful and blooming personality. In its journey to ensure the dominance of Greek Sandals through time, Greek Chic Handmades gives you full power over the way your Sandals will be Crafted. Just like Hephaestus crafted the weapons for the Greek gods always taking into careful consideration their personality, Greek Chic Handmades aims for the same. We Craft your very own “weapons” in your Odyssey to enchant the world and walk around in style and divine beauty.

We urge you to not hold back and let all your Greek Sandals fantasies come to life through our amazing collection

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Sandals made with attention to Detail & uncompromised Quality.

Our aspiration in Greek Chic Handmades is to make sure that you get the most premium Greek sandals. Our sandals are made with love, care and extreme attention to detail. All are finished by hand thus ensuring the best quality, that they breathe “your style” and that the Greek Sandals legacy continues for many years to come. Even Aphrodite would be jealous of such beauty and remember that even now that Greek Sandals have taken over the world there is a way for you to stand out with these avant-garde flavoured Greek Sandals.

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Our Greek Sandals are handmade from local craftsmen using premium leather and the finest of materials. It does not demand a lot of effort to be alluring and make a dazzling appearance. Citizens from ancient Greece knew that and that is why Greece is known internationally for her craftsmanship for sandals from ancient times. We bet that their type of Summer look book would have sandals in the “Summer Essentials” every year.
Ancient Greek sandals have been a must, since forever, for any summer outfit. Our Sandals are a true friend in need, whether you are going for an elegant and delightful morning attire or a stunning evening one. That is why you can wear our Greek Handmade Sandals at the beach, for a walk around town or for an evening night out.

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Custom made Greek Sandals by Greek Chic Handmades can be that very special and unique piece that will take off your wardrobe. This is mainly because our Greek Sandals can be the sandals you want them to be. A prodigious variety in design, collection and colour await those wise enough to go for Greek Chic Handmades. Never before could a pair of sandals so easily replace many other in your wardrobe.