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Set your destination to Greek Chic & find your perfect pair of Greek Sandals

Our Sandals are handmade in Greece & designed to accompany you everywhere. From poolside chic to beach escapades and resort evenings.

Meet the 2017 line of wedding flat sandals

Choose your favorite luxurious sandals with handpicked and hand-sewn mother of pearls

Select your summer colors and design your unique sandals

Greek Chic Handmades has designed a complete Summer Collection of flat sandals, bags and leather cuffs handcrafted with the finest materials and premium leather. Almost any flat sandal can be customized to your style. You can just select the leather color you wish and choose from the vast collection of colors among the scarf laces, the silk laces, the braided straps or the leather laces, depending on the design.

Stylist picks

Low in heel, High in style

Scarf Lace up Collection


Athena Design from the Scarf Lace up Collection.

Customizable sandals with interchangeable scarf laces available in 20 different colors to choose from. High quality original Greek leather sandals with scarf laces crafted from stretchy satin jersey.

Lightweight and super comfortable for a soft feel. They look beautifully tighten up to the knee, gladiator style, or ankle wrap. Make the color combination you prefer and they will work with everything from shorts to maxi dresses.

In this picture: Leather color 01.Tan with Scarf laces color 14.Royal Blue

Wedding Collection


Nephele Design from the Wedding Sandal Collection.

Customizable sandals with interchangeable silk scarf laces available in 15 different colors to choose from. Handcrafted with the finest materials, including anti-slip and leather outsole.

Make your dream wedding come true with beach and resort bridal sandals in any color combination you desire, from silver to gold and from silk white, ivory to navy blue.

In this picture: Leather color 05.Gold with Silk Scarf laces color 01.White

Discover all of our Greek Chic Handmade Sandals here
Greek Craftsmanship

Authentic. Handmade. Finest materials.


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Greek Handmade Sandals
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