Beach Wedding Dresses Trends 2017: Interview with a Designer

Beach Wedding Dresses Trends 2017: Interview with a Designer

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Beach Wedding Dresses Trends from Renata Marmara*, a young, fresh and super-talented wedding dress designer, to reveal all the hottest trends in summer wedding for 2017 and give to the brides to be, life-saver tips about how to stay simple and cool, yet beautifully breathtaking, at their summer wedding day.


Congratulations! If you are reading this, most probably you have found the love of your life and you are about to get married. Seriously, that’s a really tough life task. Not only it takes a lot of patience, persistence (and luck to be honest) to find the one, but also a bunch of daring and courage to decide spending the rest of your life with him (or at least try to). What is more, you have decided -or you are close to this- , to skip the traditional ceremony and go for a super-fun, yet idyllic beach wedding. So once again, our deepest and sincere congratulations, this will definitely rock. Still, you have to deal with the next most crucial and strenuous mission: finding the dress of your dreams for your big wedding day. Let’s face it, even if you have found your soulmate, the heavenly beach where the wedding ceremony will take place, you have set the dreamiest, fairy tale scenery, you still want to look utterly and effortlessly stunning in a gorgeous wedding gown that will be the most memorable of all. And there is no need at all to make up excuses for this. The BIG day, is the most perfect excuse on it’ s own.

The options are literally limitless when it comes to choosing a wedding dress. Wildly romantic, whimsical, fashion edgy, vintage glamour, are only a few. Choosing a summer beach-friendly wedding dress is a bit different as compared to a dress for a traditional wedding. No worries though girls, we have your back. We asked from Renata Marmara*, a young, fresh and super-talented wedding dress designer, to reveal all the hottest trends in summer wedding for 2017 and give to the brides to be, life-saver tips about how to stay simple and cool, yet beautifully breathtaking, at their summer wedding day.


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GreekChicHandmades: Which are the dominant trends in summer wedding for 2017?

Renata Marmara: I would definitely say without second thoughts: lace. Lace comes this year in numerous enchanting versions to choose the one that suits best your style and silhouette. To name a few, French lace, cord thread embroidered lace, Guipure lace. So dare to wear lace! Deep neckline dresses, dresses with cord back to die for, or even backless for the most daring ones, and dresses with thin delicate shoulder straps are totally recommended for beach ceremonies and constitute a crowd-pleaser choice indisputably.

If you follow the lace trend we recommend to ground your look with minimalist wedding sandals .

GCH: Which fabrics are in fashion and also suitable for beach wedding?

RM: That goes without saying, oft and light-weight textiles, with ethereal feeling. Silk is the hero piece available in great variety: silk muslin, tulle, voile or poplin. Whichever you choose, it will keep you cool and make you look fabulous and stylish at the same time.

Complete ethereal looks with bridal sandals featuring our signature wrap-around silk laces.

GCH: Let’s talk about colors now. What do you think about the perpetual dilemma between the white and the off-white or ivory dress and which color would you pick as the strongest trend for summer wedding gowns?

RM: To answer the last one, that would be powder pink doubtlessly! Powder pink and all its varying shades, is absolutely the king of the color palette in 2017 summer wedding dresses. Powder pink under white, silk, sheer fabrics which give the duotone effect and add a romantic tone. I have to make clear though that if you choose something like this, keep the whole look in pastel shades, with nude details, so that the transparency effect is sensual and classy at the same time. As far as the timeless dilemma between and ivory dress, I believe there is no trend here. White tones are always in vogue and it depends only on the bride’s skin tone which one is more flattering.

We suggest to accompany the white dress with silver bridal flat sandals, the ivory with gold wedding sandals and the pastels with nude sandals

GCH: Another kind of tricky dilemma for the brides to be: maxi or mini wedding dress?

RN: In my personal opinion, I think that a dilemma like this doesn’t even exist. I would go definitely with the maxi one because it is more flattering for all kinds of female body shape. I would recommend a well-tailored, maxi dress, without extravagant trail, in subtle, delicate cloths and maybe some charming eye-catching transparencies. Friendly advice: try to stay away from over structured, rigged and thick fabrics as they only add weight to your wedding dress and send you one step closer to the undesirable feeling of perspiration.

Pair a well tailored wedding dress with elegant bridal flat sandals for an ultra chic look.

GCH: What do you think about wearing separates on your wedding day?

RM: That’s an absolutely excellent alternative wedding apparel for the brides who don’t want to go to the traditional dress route. Separates (or two pieces) elevate your look, offer you limitless mix ‘n’ match options and finally create a more mainstream and modern take on the average wedding dress, especially for the young brides. Luxury crop tops paired with elegantly detailed long skirts is the ultimate trend for 2017, when it comes to separates. Moreover, a simple, yet luxe crop top, is a multifunctional garment easy to match, after your wedding, under plenty and different occasions. So don’t hesitate to invest in a more fresh and fashion edgy wedding outfit.

GCH: Given the big variation of woman body shapes and heights, could you give some piece of advice to the brides to be?

RM: First of all, thanks to the wide range of the wedding dresses, no one should be worry about finding the dress of their dreams. So if you are pear-shaped let’s say, a skirt in A-line cut, from the waist to the floor, is ideal for you. The upper piece in this case could be a little more firm V-neckline bodice which will highlight and give emphasis to your chest. For the petite ones, I wouldn’t suggest a short wedding dress, although it’s a common belief that short dresses flatter the short girls. Instead, I highly recommend maxi dresses which add instantly height and length to the female silhouette.

GCH: Last but not least, give us the most suitable yet elegant and fashionable wedding look for 2017 beach ceremonies.

RM: To begin with, a summer beach wedding dress should be simpler, lighter and more flowing than one worn throughout the rest of the year. I suggest that you try and stay away from heavy embellishment, over-volume dresses and most of all, long trains which will catch lots of sand and you surely don’t want this. You better go for light-weight, superfine, soft fabrics, like silk cloths which will keep you cool and comfortable during hot summer months.  Décolletage, strapless or backless gowns are always a hot trend and work perfectly well on the beach as they allow you to show off your great tan. Spaghetti straps, sheer details and lace accents will definitely make you feel seductive while looking dreamy at the same time. If you want to add some color and a boho-chic touch, wear a flower wreath at your head. And finally, don’t forget to complete your magical, ethereal, beach wedding look with a pair of gorgeously designed leather sandals.

On the whole, I would truly advice you to avoid the fuss, be yourself and always stay simple and chic! That’s something that always works, no matter the weather, the venue or the dress.

Airy beach wedding gowns get along smashingly with these glorious beach wedding sandals with hand-sewn mother of pearls.

About Renata Marmara

At the age of 18, and while she was already studying fashion, Renata  started working at her grandmother’s bridal atelier where she unfolded her love for haute couture.
Three year fashion design studies in Greece and one year master diploma in Milan, constituted the knowledge basis  that her work required.
Renata started her career in styling and then crossed to high fashion and bridal design which loved from a very young age.
The last two years she creates her personal bridal collection. Renata is developing a personal relationship with each bride so she can deliver the perfect wedding dress for her. As she says, every bride should be radiant and unique on that special day, and this shows how much she loves her job.
New fabrics, laces and silk, are the inspiration fountain for her beautiful, one and only, wedding gowns. She adores working with silk cloths and laces appliqued with hand-sewn crystal beads and other embellishments.

Follow Renata and discover more of her amazing work on Facebook and Instagram.

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