10 inspirations from the best Fashion Editorials for Christmas Season

10 inspirations from the best Fashion Editorials for Christmas Season

It is once again this –special- time of year. When our calendars are stretched to fit all kinds of festivities and Christmas preparations are on peak. Most probably you’ve already decorated your Christmas tree because apart from all it is the custom that equals the opening of the celebrations season. Your Christmas gifts shopping list is on fire and continuously being enhanced. A few warm up, pre-Christmas gatherings have already taken place where you catch up with good friends, spend quality time with family and most of all, you spread some love. Maybe, you ‘ve even already made  some traditional Christmas sweets like those delicious gingerbread cookies, an old-fashioned apple pie or still searching  the recipe for this heavenly panettone filled with mascarpone cream and chocolate chips.

Still, no matter the progress of your preparations, it’s about time you thought of your Christmas outfit, don’t you think? Because, let’s be honest, Christmas holidays, apart from being a great celebration of family, friends, food and gift giving , it also serves as a superb occasion to add some magic to your outfits, feeling  festive and stand out fashion-wise.

For those of you who feel the time is running out and are overwhelmed by the Christmas to-do lists, we chose for you 10 inspirations from the best fashion editorials for Christmas season. Feel free to get inspired, enhance within your holiday fashion spirit, get more extravagant than usual (it’s absolutely mandatory) and make the most of your Christmas holiday nights and days.

1) The sequin dress lover. The fashion statistics  show that even if some of you don’t belong  to the typical dress camp, it is most probable of all that this time of the year, you want to feel special and dream of this elegant, sensual and still super stylish sequin party dress.

So, if you are the type of girl who traditionally is all about sparkling, glittering and eye-catching party dresses, Harper’s bazaar “Get in sequins” list was made for you.  It’s the ultimate guide to get inspired by astonishing celebrities’ looks, wear the shine wise, let the sequin embrace your body and finally make an ultra-shiny, breathtaking appearance at the upcoming Christmas parties.



2) The glamour insatiable.  For those of you who also imagine something fabulous and glamorous but still want to check some more options, ELLE’S guide for festive dressing is here for you. Without excluding the all time classic and beloved sequin, the guide comprises sensuous lace, charming fringes and seducing animal prints which will elevate your style and make you definitely a crowd-pleaser at the special Christmas gatherings you have been invited to.



3) The ‘’I haven’t made up my mind yet”. At this point if you still remain indecisive and haven’t found the dress to die for, there is absolutely no need for worries. Vogue’s edit “50 best Christmas Party dresses” takes it one step further and gives space to the allowable maximalism of these days.  From glittering crystals and disco metallic to luscious velvet and sensual silks, everything is here, in this A’ class list , aimed to satisfy the most demanding ones and help you achieve a scene-stealing entrance.


4) Matching outfits with parties. Except for the big Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, the seasonal events are numerous and varying from entertaining with friends at home to hanging out with colleagues after work for early drinks. Feeling super chic but also warm and at the other hand being appropriately dressed for each occasion seems a rather tough task. Lucky for you, Marie Claire’s guide for five different type of holiday parties works as a lifesaver. Smart combinations of unlike elegant textures paired with some statement accessories will keep you away from pitfalls and set you free to enjoy Christmas celebrations no matter the venue or the weather.


5) Separates. Although when we talk about Christmas partywear, a little black ruffled dress or a full-on sequin dress is always on par, we tend to forget that cashmere, velvet, lace, also some in charming separates. Cocktail skirts, tuxedo trousers or jumpsuits are the key pieces for switching it up, mix luxury with everyday uniform and make a style statement at your festive nights out. So get daring this Christmas, skip the beads, crystal or prints and keep it simple with effortlessly chic outfit combos, which will make you feel cool and jolly at the same time. If you need inspiration or guidance, The Guardian’s editorial shows you the way.  Don’t forget to add a little touch of metallic accessories to escalate your no-fail separates mix and just hit the road.


6) In between. It may be true that Christmas parties and enchanting dresses get along smashingly, yet many of you(including ourselves) are stuck somewhere in between. Meaning, on the one hand, you might feel slightly less dressy, on the other hand you wouldn’t say no to a unique wrap dress made of luxe fabric, bursting of coolness and sophistication at the same time. Well, we have great news for you. Haim and Reformation teamed up to solve your holiday’s dilemmas, creating a capsule full of cool-girl pieces with major 70’s vibes. Silk wrap dresses, deep-V necklines, girly bodysuits, will definitely make you exclaim “that’s what I had in mind”.  Pick the one that suits you best and get ready to dazzle under the holiday lights.

7) Christmassy denim. Even if in everyday uniforms, you most possibly consider denim as a hero piece, chances are, contrary, that you -strongly- believe Christmas partywear and denim don’t go hand in hand. Surprise, surprise! Three members of the Man Repeller Team are here to prove you –totally-wrong. The three girls built on basic denim pieces turning them into the centerpiece of fancy, extravagant, but absolutely elegant evening party looks. While dressing up your jeans with glowing separates and gold accessories, glams up your look (without looking you tried too hard), it is also a great way to stand out, glamorously but not predictably, from the holiday party crowd.


8) Happy hour, happy people. It is more than possible that plenty of your Christmas invitations are after work gatherings with colleagues for happy-hour cocktails, without early notice most of the times. However, there is no need for stress at all as the editors of Harper’s Bazaar have your back. Picking their favorite festive tips will help you transform in no time your working conservative uniform into an immediate haute and sexy party look. Accessories, goes without saying, are once again the leaders in the transition from a formal office outfit to a shiny Christmas party wear. Among many, gleaming earrings or cuffs, a statement clutch and a great pair of heels will add instant polish and glamour to your look. Last but not least, a glowing evening make-up is the final touch to intensify your festive look and capture everybody’s attention.


9) Jump in. Christmas jumper day on Friday December 16 gives you the perfect excuse to wear this comfy Christmas jumper you ‘ve always wanted but you didn’t dare because you thought jumpers are only for kids. This seems a little bit outdated though if you think about the huge range of women’s seasonal sweaters that is at your disposal, with embellishments varying from polar bears, reindeers and cats, to mistletoes, gingerbreads and snowflakes. What is more, Christmas sweaters team up perfectly with your pleated skirts or your skinny jeans so you don’t have to worry about your festive style. Glamour’s edit has chosen the funkiest women Christmas jumpers for ladies which by the way are also an exceptional solution for the Christmas soirees with friends and family at home.


10) Winter-proof your style.  After spending all this time to find the perfect party outfit, it would be really frustrating if you allowed the weather forecast change your plans and destroy your night out. Staying warm versus looking elegant shouldn’t have to be a choice and bother you last minute, just before you leave home for your festive parties.  Luckily,  the fashion editors of In style have already forecasted for you: 9 perfect winter coats to choose from or get inspired of, complete your holiday look, and stay chic in the chilliest of times. From burgundy rich velvet and plum hues to soft rose shades or shiny beaded accents, wrap up in the finest coats and just rock your outfit without second thoughts.

Bonus track.  For those of you who still don’t get along with chilly days and find snowflakes, Christmas cold-weather essentials and eggnog sipping a little bit stereotypical, The Telegraph UK editorial recommends 15 excellent Christmas destination for warm-weather getaways. It is quite possible that the December sun seekers are already have chosen their warm holiday destination and planned their trip but before you close your suitcase you definitely want to check this: the Greekchichandmades sandal collection, which will add to your style a luxury touch and help you stay super chic and elegant even when you are lying on this glorious beach in Cancun to get suntanned (lucky you).

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